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Thread Labs is a six part subscription series that tells the story of Aurifil– from a shared celebration of our 40th anniversary, to our history and unique production process, to an in-depth education on our revered threads.

**Although this club started in July 2023, you can sign up at any time. You will receive all the boxes in the first week of the month following sign up, up to the current point in the club. So for example, if you sign up on the 16th September, you will receive boxes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4 (July – October) in the first week of October. The remaining two boxes for November and December will ship with the rest of the club members.

Subscribers will gain all the necessary tools to more confidently create with a variety of thread weights and techniques, finishing the year inspired, armed with new skills and a wealth of knowledge. Truly, what better way to honour a 40 year milestone than to invite you all in to the Aurifil family, box by box, project by project?

Thread Labs is a must-have for both the Aurifil enthusiast and novice. Each lab presents an exclusive project crafted by one of our revered Aurifilosophers & Designers, designed to educate and inspire via a featured thread weight.

The box itself includes a perfectly curated range of threads. A secure online portal for subscribers plays host to exclusive content including downloadable project PDFs, educator interviews, thread tutorials, partner offers, and more.

Chcek out my Instagram reels/IGTV for a look at some of the unboxing of the current months.

Lab 1.1 (shown above) provides early access to our newfangled swatch book, an exploratory Aurifilosophy session with Aurifil’s Master Educator, Karen L. Miller, an Aurifil Storage Case, an Aurifilosophy Thread Exemplar, and an exclusive project utilizing all 7 included thread weights.

Each lab carries a new thread weight & technique partnership, allowing makers to explore their creativity while working on a new crafty skill.


Featured Educator: Karen L. Miller

Featured Educator: Amy Friend

Lab 1.3 | SEPTEMBER / 40WT & 28Wt, Machine Appliqué
Featured Educators: Barbara Persing & Annie Smith

Lab 1.4 | OCTOBER / 80wt & 12wt, Needleturn Appliqué and Big Stitch quilting
Featured Educator: Jo Avery

Lab 1.5 | NOVEMBER / Forty3 & Mono, Machine Quilting
Featured Educator: Karen L. Miller

Lab 1.6 | DECEMBER / Cotton Floss, Cross Stitch and Embroidery
Featured Educators: Aneela Hoey & Susan Ache

Extra Benefits

The subscription cost is purely for the products within the box. All the additional educational videos, projects PDFs, interviews, thread tutorials and partner offers are complementary from Aurifil and exclusive only to subscribers.

Payment & Shipping details

As the club is well underway, you are now able to pay for the full club in one go and still receive all of the 6 boxes.

Aurifil Thread Lab boxes will start shipping from the 1st week of the month following your sign up. You will be caught up to date with the rest of the members at this point. See above for more info**

The cost includes free UK shipping, and I am only sending within the UK on this product.

There is limited availability.