The Quilt above was from the Pastures New club of 2018 and this was the large Portofino quilt made with Diving Board from Alison Glass. Please note this years quilt will not be the same as this, it is to give you an idea of previous years designs.

What is Mystery quilt I hear you say? Well for those of you that missed out on the fun of last year’s club then I’m pleased to say that in partnership with Sheila Christensen @mysteryquilter I am bringing back the Mystery Quilt club for spring 2019.

Stratford – Mystery Quilt Spring 2019

It’s quite simply a puzzle quilt and the best thing about it is all the fabric for the quilt top comes to you pre-cut. That’s right you just pick up your box and sew. I do all the hard work for you!

You will receive ten parcels each containing that month’s puzzle instructions and all the pre-cut fabric pieces to make the blocks. Pieces are kept simple: triangles, squares and rectangles and at the end the final puzzle is revealed to give you a beautiful finished quilt top.

The colourways that I will be releasing will be revealed over the next week, I can confirm I have four and maybe even five if I can secure one more collection to share with you. So you will have a nice selection of fabrics and colourways to choose from.

The quilts will come in two sizes but due to fabric restriction not all colourways will be available in the small size. All will be confirmed as each collection is released.

Quilt top finished size:

Small quilt – 48″ x 60″

Large quilt – 72″ x 72″

Sign ups for the club will be taken from Saturday 9th February and the first puzzle pieces will be sent out on the 1st March 2019. Subsequent months will be posted on the first Friday of the month.

Due to the timings of when I have been able to launch the club it does mean that we are one month behind the USA and Australia. As such I am planning to make month one a double month and you will receive both puzzle one and two so we can catch up.

Sheila offers a great Facebook group for any users and it is a worldwide community all sewing up the same puzzles in so many different fabrics. It is a great place to meet other people in the club. So I want to make sure we don’t miss out or become out of sync with the mystery being revealed so this works perfectly.

I will offer the club with a monthly subscription or the option to pay in full. If you opt for a subscription It will be an immediate payment of two months, followed by 8th monthly payments on the last day of the month, running from March to October.

The small quilt will be £178, or initial payment of £34, plus eight monthly payments of £18 (all prices include UK postage).

The large quilt is £228, or an initial payment of £44, plus eight monthly payments of £23 (all prices include UK postage).

That should cover all of the finer details of the club and how it will work, all that is left to do is wait for the fabric selections. Watch this space… or more importantly make sure you are signed up to my newsletter and go give all the social media channels a big love and a follow. There is links to them all just at the bottom of the page. xx