Quite simply it is a block of the month club run over 10 months, where the only decision you have to make prior to starting is your fabric choices!

Each month you will receive a parcel containing your block instructions and all the pre-cut fabric pieces required for those blocks.

On the tenth month the puzzle is solved and you receive your final package including the big reveal and directions on constructing your Mystery Quilt top.

All the pieces within the Mystery Quilt are simple shapes, of triangles, squares, rectangles and strips. Yes you did read correctly before they are already cut for you just to start sewing.

The quilt is offered in two sizes:

  • Small quilt top – 48″ x 60″
  • Large quilt top – 72″ x 72″

Packages for Cosmos quilt are posted on the last Friday of the month.

Packages for Stratford quilt at posted on the first Friday of the month.

Sign ups for the Autumn Mystery Quilt – Cosmos are open.

The single quilt is priced at £175 inc UK post and the double quilt is £230. Both of these quilts are offered on a pay in full or subscription basis. The subscriptions are 10 monthly payments of £17.50 and £23 respectively.

Payments for the subscription of the Cosmos quilt are an initial payment on sign up and then on the 10th of the month, running for a further 9 months with the first instalment being on the 10th August.

Payments for the Stratford quilt fall on the last day of the month.

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